How much does the embroidery cost? Embroidery charges are included in the product prices you see. Added chargers will be applied when logo is raised (3D) or when specialty thread is used

What are your minimums? Minimums order quantities are currently 2 units per SKU/SIZE/DESIGN in apparel and 3 units per SKU/SIZE/DESIGN in head wear and accessories. Bulk discounts start at 6 units of the same SKU, color, and size.


Is there a set-up fee? Yes, when we are Digitizing your logo for embroidery.

What are the discounts for bulk orders? Many items can receive up to 40% off the published “Starting At” price you see on the product pages. While some SKUS are excluded from 40% off, you can save up to 30% off your custom order on all customized product. The bulk discount percentages applied to multiple items of a single SKU, COLOR, and SIZE are as follows:

6-11 units [10% OFF]

12-36 units [15% OFF]

37-72 units [20% OFF]

73-144 units [30% OFF]

145-288 units [40% OFF*]

*Not all brands/SKUS are 40% off eligible at 145+ units. Your cart will reflect the bulk discount pricing applied to the brands/SKUS in your custom order. 


Contact info@sickstitching.com for quotes on orders over 288 units for pricing, production, and freight quotes.

Is  the “raised” or “puff” embroidery an extra charge? Yes, However not all logos contain elements that can be “raised” with puff foam. Fine details such as small text, line art, and intricate designs cannot be raised. If your upload contains elements that can be, we will include the upgrade in your order and you will be able to see and approve the sample before full order completion.

Why wasn’t I charged immediately? We take intellectual property seriously and complete a full review of your order PRIOR to updating your order status. Once the processing and review is complete you will receive an e-mail with a link to complete payment. You also have the option of logging into your account and completing payment once you have received notification.

When should I expect to see my sample for approval? Sample stitch outs for embroidery orders are completed and e-mailed for approval within 72 hours of order submission. Any orders requiring proof of ownership or edits due to scaling issues during the design process will take an additional 24 hours if resolved within the business day of communication from customer support.

How long does production take for embroidery orders? Orders normally take about two weeks to produce your embroidery order after approval of your sample. These time do NOT include the time it takes to ship your order to you. There are two ways that you can get your order faster. The first is to expedite the shipping method you choose (cutting down on the shipping time) and the second is to RUSH production (reducing the overall production time of your order). If you wish to RUSH the production of your order, you can do so for a fee of 10% of your total order.

How long does RUSH production take? Opting for RUSH Production expedites production by 48-72 hours depending on the quantity in your order. Your order will ship as selected in your checkout, so be sure to select Next Day Air and RUSH production to experience the absolute fastest delivery of your order.

Can I change my order once I’ve approved the sample? Once samples are approved they are sent into production status. Orders that have selected RUSH production may not be changed after the sample approval. Orders with standard production have 24 hours after approving to make any changes.

Can I cancel my order after I’ve approved the sample? Order cancellation after sample approval must be made within 24 hours of approval. Refunds will be processed less the published cost of goods sampled.

What file types can I upload? While .PNG is preferred, you can upload .JPG under 5MB as well.  Keep in mind that for embroidery, high resolution files that contain clear, distinct areas of color work best. Subtle tones or fades can’t be translated for embroidery as defined in your file.  

Why did my .JPG lose some of the color of the art when I removed the background? Due to the resolution of your .JPG and the same color white in the art as the background, our background removal caused all of the same shade of white to be transparent. Your original file upload is still in good shape- so we can still complete our digitizing efforts before you see your sample. For the best possible digital mock-up in our custom lab, use a .PNG under 5MB as seen below in image on the far-right.

 What should I consider when designing my order? If after following these recommendations you need help or have a request that is limited by the functionality of our site, include it in the notes of your design before checkout. We’ll review and reach out with our recommendations prior to producing your sample.

  • There are limits to how small and big a graphic or text can be, so we’ve added some disclaimers in our design tool to alert you. Still, we may have to contact you if you have scaled one of our graphics or your upload is scaled too small to be embroidered to our standards.
  • Consider the size and shape of your graphic before you choose a layout. Some prefer no layout and build there own. You can decide what’s easiest for your order.
  • Too much text on a anything isn’t a good look. If you are just using the “add text” function for your business name, consider placing the name on front and a tagline or social handle on the back instead of combining them together.
  • When entering text please double check all spelling. We do not check spelling and will sew lettering exactly as you entered it for your sample.
  • Keep it simple on the back of hats. Text only is generally a good guide for the back.
  • Due to size restrictions, some design options that are allowed on the front of a hat will not fit on the back of a hat.
  • A tall graphic won’t easily accommodate lettering above or below. Likewise, a graphic that is short and wide won’t leave enough room to put lettering to either side of the graphic.
  • If you want your graphic to be the focus of your design, consider putting additional text on the back or sides of the hat so your graphic doesn’t have to be reduced in size.

What won’t you accept in a design? Sick Stitching cannot produce any logo that is trademarked or under copyright without written consent as outlined in our Terms and Services We will not produce items that include names, social handles, products, images, text/slogans, or designs without written permission from the owner. Due to licensing and copyright laws, we reserve the right to decline/refund orders not in compliance. We are not authorized to use any mascot logos in connection with any college, university, or any professional sports team. Therefore, we will not produce orders that contain any such logo in connection with a team name, slogan, and/or colors, or otherwise uses a mascot graphic in a team context. These orders may only be produced with the express written consent of the respective institution and/or its authorized representative. We will not produce any designs or text containing any political party, candidate name, candidate reference, slogan, or likeness. This includes any position of publicly held office without written consent from the candidate. Sick Stitching reserves the right to decline an order containing vulgar, profane, or material deemed inappropriate.